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I believe there
is an undeniable connection between beauty & intelligence.

I love discovering the beauty in design whether it be in digital media, packaging design, editorial, fashion or art. Trends in tech and fashion are hard to keep up with but one core ingredient to most successful products is their attractiveness to the eye. The other core ingredient is function and usefulness. I hope to build my career on the exploration of beauty and functionality. I am willing to learn any program or language in order to serve these two guiding principles to the world. 


Grew up in Jacksonville Fl. At a young age I was athletic and artistic at the same time. Learned to surf, ride horses, swing dance, draw and design. And I love the interplay between those seemingly contrasting entities. Moved to Seattle, Washington in 2007 to experience a thriving coffee culture and design community... and of course the mountains! In 2014 I began to engage more in film and writing and have moved into more full time design work. I plan to continue growing in this way and have an open mind to my next steps whether it be in film making, writing stories, designing, brand or strategy. 


Visual Designer • Communication Manager • Film Critic

Visual Designer with 3 years of experience working closely with marketing team members to produce effective brand strategy and to implement positive changes in digital and print design.


Visual Designer & Social Media Manager at Imagine Crafts / Tsukineko

Imagine Crafts is an arts and crafts supplier that specializes in the import of Tsukineko inks and ink pads from Tokyo, Japan. We supply to major retailers such as Joanns, Michaels, and Paper Source. My role as a designer is to create print and digital graphics for web, social media, promotional items such as catalog design, trade show materials and packaging for individual products.

Communications Director at Pottery Northwest

Pottery Northwest is Seattle’s most prominent nonprofit ceramic arts organization. My role as director was a merging of visual designer and marketing strategist. I was responsible for all marketing needs for the studio. This focus involved regular content updates of the website, press releases to local arts publications, social media, email marketing and print assets such as flyers or brochures.

Film Critic for Vanguard Seattle Arts and Fashion Blog

Vanguard Seattle is an online-only arts & fashion magazine for the Seattle Area. As the only staff writer for film and media it was my responsibility to connect with local event organizers such as SIFF and obtain early copies of films before release date and to produce a weekly film suggestions and a monthly in-depth critiques of films.

Barista at Stumptown Coffee
Duties include making a ton of coffee for people and being nice. 

Freelance Designer
Clients include Tipsy Cow Burger Bar, Microsoft, Starbucks, Civil Bikes, and Seattle Lindy Exchange. 
Gainesville FL + Seattle, Wa


University of Florida (Go Gators)
Bachelors in Film & Media Studies

Santa Fe Community College
Associates in Graphic Design

School of Visual Concepts + General Assembly
Supplementary Courses


Meowzy at 3 Square Art Gallery (Fort Collins, Co)

Beauty in Abundance installation at Lusio

30-Day Inktober Challenge in 2017

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